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The Honorable David Eggen receives Wolf Award

The Honorable David Eggen, Minister of Education for the Province of Alberta, received the Wolf Award on November 23, 2018. His commitment to enhancing respect and understanding between races and cultures has been demonstrated through meeting with several Alberta organizations to determine ways to address racism and create a more accepting and inclusive society. A report of recommended actions was released in 2018 and some of the actions have been launched which include the creation of a provincial hate-crimes police unit, a provincial anti-racism advisory council and community grants to address racism.

Additionally, Mr. Eggen has worked toward introducing new professional standards for educators to enrich learning around Indigenous culture and broaden inclusivity in the classroom.

In the nomination package received, David Eggen was described as “One who is well respected because of his genuine kind nature and acceptance of different cultural values”.

David Eggen’s Wolf statue “Vega” was presented by board member Heather Acres. Elders Francis Whiskeyjack, Jeanette Lean, Donald Langford and Leith Campbell were present along with board member Fred Hines.